Ⓐir Force 1-3 Hi

Ⓐir Force 1-3 Hi


our Ⓐir Force 1-3s all start as a brand new pair of all white AF1s, which then goes through a very unique over-dying and boiling process that gives each shoe a completely unique finish, resulting in each pair, including the laces, being slightly different than the next. Then, stainless steel hardware is added throughout. Finished with our Ⓐ on each side of heel. Each pair comes in a hand-painted shoe box and fabric-dyed drawstring bags, with printed logos, all done by hand. Every pair is done and assembled by hand, no factory, no manufacturer.


PLEASE NOTE; Each pair will have its own unique grey finish. No pair will be exactly the same. Also note that the black gunk you see around the midsole of the shoe and toe box is glue that melts and oozes out during the dying process. The green around the outsole is also caused by the dying process. NO damage is done to the shoe, and does not mess with the performance of it. No guarantee that your pair will come out like the pair pictured but it most certainly be similar.


  • Care Instructions

    Clean with any trusted shoe cleaner, scrub lightly on the Ⓐ.